Redefining Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Our innovative platform was built from the ground up with flexible, open source technology that allows maximum scalability and adoption without costly software dependencies.

Our approach is what enables us to process 30M+ patient lives per week. It’s how we’re able to provide predictive intelligence to new customers in 90 days or less. We also guarantee our platform has no hidden software, hardware, or hosting costs.

The Accelerator Data Platform consumes and enriches healthcare data, including our proprietary episode grouper CORE Pathways and advanced machine learning with Brainstorm AI, to produce powerful analytic insights from any source.

The Nucleus Analytics Platform takes the output of Accelerator and makes those analytics accessible in our cloud-native data warehouse, Aspects Intelligence reporting, and Fusion exploration tools for retail and wholesale analytics needs.

Predictive Healthcare Analytics Ecosystem

Our HITRUST-certified Predictive Healthcare Analytics Ecosystem is the underlying technology infrastructure that supports all our products and capabilities. The ecosystem includes the Accelerator Data Platform—our data processing pipeline—and the Nucleus Analytics Platform—our collection of business intelligence tools.

When we say platform, we’re not talking about a collection of applications acquired from other companies. We’ve built all of our products ourselves from scratch. This creates a consistent operating environment with the ability to adopt common development practices and deliver value. We can easily design, build, and deploy new features, applications, and products on our platforms to take advantage of existing capabilities and add force-multipliers to enhance every offering. No point solutions, no fake slideshows—no BS. Just a real, proven, flexible technology platform.