Healthcare Predictive Analytics Platform Built with AIHealthcare Predictive Analytics Platform Built with AI

Data Platform

All forms of data are mapped, standardized, cleansed, validated, and enriched through our market-leading data platform, with vendor agnostic interfaces and existing connectors to hundreds of sources.

Data is organized into events, conditions, and episodes of care through our proprietary clinical episode grouper, CORE Pathways, and is enriched with HEDIS and other clinical quality measures.

Understand the dollar value associated with specific clinical outcomes (such as improved medication adherence or reduced ER overutilization) to make high value member and provider management decisions.

Dozens of configurable predictive models built using AI to identify the clinical, financial, and behavioral risks at the member and provider levels, and are deployed with seamless integration into existing operational and workflow management tools.

Simplified analytics-focused data warehouse stores and organizes data in one place, providing an up-to-date repository for user access, enterprise reporting, and operational integrations.

Suite of configurable visualizations generates curated AI-driven insights into metrics like program performance, provider quality, member utilization patterns, and population health management opportunities.

Interactive web tools give users direct access to explore cost trends and treatment patterns to quickly build, share, and distribute predictive insights across customer organizations.

Includes an array of connectors to support "BYO tools" for querying and analytics into the data warehouse, or use our out-of-the-box tools to view patient and provider level detail and create new analytics products.

Powerful Predictions

Use Brainstorm® AI, Certilytics' propriety deep learning and generative AI technology built for healthcare, to uncover predictive insights. Answer your most pressing questions with a turnkey data science solution to train, validate, and deploy predictive models and integrate insights into existing data engineering and operational pipelines.


Predictions made


Clinical, financial, and behavioral models

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“Certilytics use of AI has made a big impact on our ability to turn our data into powerful insights that are transforming our approach to value-based-care”

–Health Plan Customer

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“The configurability of both the data layer and analytics layer makes integration seamless.”

–Self-Funded Employer Customer

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“We’ve had some challenges finding this level of customization from other partners. This is exciting!”

–Provider Health System Customer

Adoption & Deployment


Change is hard. That's why our AI-powered technology and processes are designed to take the burden off you and your team to make adoption and deployment as flexible, friendly, and fast as possible.

We get our clients up and running in 90 days or less. Our implementation team is awesome (we don't mind bragging a bit) and works hand-in-hand with our data governance, client engagement, and product teams to give you unparalleled support as you get online with Certilytics.

We offer flexible deployment options, including Software as a Service (SaaS) and a platform license if you want to run our end-to-end platform on your infrastructure.

Platform Deployment Options

Data Security & Infrastructure

Data Security is central to our mission at Certilytics. The Certilytics Security Framework includes HIPAA compliance and relevant data security protocols to meet the highest industry standards of security and integrity. Our framework is based on HITRUST, SOC 2 Type II, NIST CsF, elements of GDPR, and internally defined requirements based on industry best practices, client expectations, and contractual agreements.
At Certilytics, we know trust is integral to the success of predictive analytics. That's why we've developed a proprietary Validation Framework to ensure the highest standards of data, software, and process integrity - with continual checks as data moves through our platform, regular audits and certifications, as well as clear data governance and security policies throughout our organization.
Since its founding in 2014, Certilytics has established a climate of trust, collaboration and transparent communication. Our Data Governance Board and Data Architecture Committee combine key stakeholders from across the company to make deliberate advances in our approach to data management, architecture, and security.

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