Healthcare Predictive Analytics Platform Built with AIHealthcare Predictive Analytics Platform Built with AI

Healthcare Data & Prediction Platform
Powered by BrainstormAI®

Healthcare Data &
Prediction Platform

Powered by BrainstormAI®

Built for Healthcare.
By Healthcare Experts.

“Certilytics is changing healthcare in a way that we didn't want to do things like they've always been done. We built our entire platform as a way to do things differently.”

Charles Bloss
EVP, Chief Actuary

Our Platform
by the Numbers

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AI Isn't New to Us

Our founding partnerships with large and complex healthcare organization gave us the opportunity to use AI technology since 2014 to deliver predictive insights never before used in healthcare.

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250M Lives on

Scalability is Key

From Day 1, we needed to process a vast amount of data through our platform and enrich it quickly. Our cloud-native data processing platform can scale to meet the demands and size of any data.

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1,000 Predictive Models and Growing


We can build new models in as little as 2-weeks so our customers can quickly identify risk, opportunity and adapt strategies for their unique populations.

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67B Predictions Made

Forward Looking Insights

Using our proprietary AI-powered platform, you can discover future risks within your population and put strategies in place to help keep people healthier.

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$10B in Savings

Accuracy and Agility

Our deep learning applications return accurate predictions - with greater agility and speed. It's how we've helped uncover over $10B in savings for healthcare organizations.

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30+ Unique Data Domains

Support for All Data Types

Our models are more robust to missing or imperfect healthcare data because our platform supports billions of data including 30+ unique healthcare-focused domains from medical claims to disability benefits to income.

Products & Solutions

Explore the many ways to partner with Certilytics to maximize the value of your large data assets.

An unmatched collection of sophisticated GenAI model pipelines ready for calibration to customer data and powering enterprise healthcare processes, operations, analysis, and innovation in days - not years.

All CORE Condition Model

A library of 1,000+ clinical, financial, and behavioural models focused on identifying future risk and opportunities at the individual level.

CORE GPT Clinical Pathways

The use of GenAI techniques to predict the exact clinical pathway a patient will follow based on their distinct characteristics.

Foundational Healthcare
AI Models

The application of unsupervised pre-training with GPT to develop data representations which can be used as the basis for the development of novel predictions.

Opportunity Models

Quantification of the cost savings associated with optimizing modifiable patient outcomes and provider practice patterns.

Provider Practice GPT

Using GenAI and language models to identify physicians who are ineffectively treating patients and driving up costs.

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Propensity Models (CAMPR)

Modelling to generate scores in support of causal program performance evaluation and clinical outreach.

(Coming Soon)

A unique healthcare-centric LLM designed to complement existing data integration features such as SQL query and simplify the mechanism for users to quickly find valuable insights in their data.

Member Deep Representations (mDR)

The use of natural language processing (NLP) techniques and deep learning to translate medical history into a foundational ML feature space primed for learning.

Provider Deep Representation (pDR)

The use of natural language processing (NLP) techniques and deep learning to translate provider treatment history into a foundational ML feature space primed for learning.

Claim Deep Representation (cDR)

The use of natural language processing (NLP) techniques and deep learning to encode claims data into a foundational ML feature space primed for learning.

A team of experts who help customers transform their business with powerful AI capabilities. Partner with and have access to data scientists, actuaries, technologists, clinicians and other industry experts who all have over a decade of direct healthcare-AI experience.

Analytics Services

Analyst support for the generation of insights and the configuration and customization of dashboards and reports.

Actuarial Services

Actuarial support for trend forecasting, reserving, underwriting, and financial performance.

GenAI Services

A team of experienced healthcare-focused data scientists to develop custom models, validate existing models, and accelerate the operationalization of GenAI strategies.

Data Operations

Managed data processing services and coordination of source data sets through the Certilytics Healthcare Data & Prediction Platform.

IT Services

IT support for the configuration of various customer platform deployment and configuration requirements, as well as the development of new tools and applications.

Clinical Audit Services

Experienced nurse auditors to drive recoveries while maintaining the integrity of payer-provider relationships.

Staff Augmentation

Complement or extend your team with access to Certilytics' team of data scientist, developers, data engineers, analysts, and more.

Intuitive business intelligence solutions for specific healthcare use cases.

Healthcare Data & Prediction Platform

An "all-in-one platform" for customers seeking a modernized and enhanced AI and analytics ecosystem to support enterprise healthcare decisions making.

Predictive Analytic Enablement

Enabling customers to strengthen their own solutions through access to Certilytics suite of products - a large data portfolio, data enrichment tools, data storage, and over 1,000 predictive models.

AI Health Intelligence Collection

Customized collections of predictive analytic outputs delivered to customers through the Fusion BI toolkit.

Health Plan

A scalable and secure data storage solution in a cloud-based data environment designed for the largest data and most complex queries with low-latency.

PBM Solutions

Enhance pharmacy-based clinical management capabilities with AI-generated insights and recommendations around member health and cost to measure its impact across a person’s entire interaction within the healthcare system.

Employer Solutions

Optimize benefit strategies by tracking historic cost & utilization and using AI-driven insights to identify emerging risk and opportunities for modifying outcomes.

Broker & Consultant Solutions

Develop prescriptive strategies to help customers make cost-effective decisions that will improve employee health.

Point Solution Vendor Solutions

Identify prospective management opportunities and evaluate retrospective program performance with advanced ROI analysis.

Provider & Health System Solutions

Evaluate the clinical and financial performance of hospitals, physicians, and integrated-delivery systems for better value-based strategies.

State Government Solutions

Identify those most at risk to inform outreach strategies and deliver better clinical and financial outcomes.

Federal Government Solutions

Understand your population’s future health risks to build more effective programs and better manage outcomes and costs.

AI Insights by Certilytics

Our experts share how AI is changing healthcare and how Certilytics is committed to using AI to lead the way in making people healthier and healthcare more affordable.

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