How to Choose the Right Point Solutions, Measure ResultsHow to Choose the Right Point Solutions, Measure Results

How to Choose the Right Point Solutions, Measure Results

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October 17, 2022

Helping Employers Gain Confidence in Their Benefits Decisions with Data-Backed Insights


As an HR and benefits leader, you’re likely being bombarded with sales pitches for new point solution programs—the next great fitness tracker, disease management program, or mindfulness app.

You’ve already invested a lot in your existing programs, carefully researching and selecting the vendors and programs that meet the specific needs of your employees and their families.

Yet, if you’re like most benefits professionals, you’re still wondering:

  • Are employees engaging with these programs to their fullest potential?
  • Are these programs meeting their intended goals, and what’s the financial ROI?
  • What new solutions may be needed and what kind of impact would they have?

Studies have noted that a major challenge for benefits professionals is leveraging data beyond medical and pharmacy claims to evaluate programs and understand what additional investments may be needed.

The “Great Resignation” has only made measuring success more critical. Employers confronting rising turnover and attrition rates must tackle the increasing demand for mental health services, competitive benefits, and targeted point solutions.

It’s now more important than ever for employers to cut through the noise with data-backed numbers showing which programs would have the biggest impact on recruiting, retention, and productivity.



Each program is unique, with different objectives and ways of measuring success. An increase in engagement may meet one program’s goals, while an increase in employees taking medication as prescribed could signal another investment is successfully getting patients access to the care they need.

You need real-time, wide-angle views of an array of metrics to understand what may be driving changes in engagement, measure feedback, and pinpoint where additional resources would add the most value.



That’s why Certilytics built the Impact Evaluator, a product suite that helps plan sponsors maximize the impact of their point solution programs.

Our robust methodology quantifies the impact of current and future point solutions on an apples-to-apples basis, accounting for confounding variables and taking into account both medical and pharmacy data as well as non-traditional data sources like social determinants of health.

With the Impact Evaluator, you can:

  • Quantify the potential impact of future point solutions
  • Boost employee engagement by investing in the right programs
  • Measure program performance to ensure ROI

The Impact Evaluator enables you to build a compelling ROI story demonstrating your impact on health, productivity, and the total cost of care. You’ll understand what resources may be needed such as targeted educational outreach to increase program performance. You’ll also be able to share insights with partners to set value-based goals, track progress, and track performance guarantees in key areas such as diabetes management, musculoskeletal, behavioral health, weight loss, smoking cessation, and more.

To learn more, download our case study, or schedule a Q&A with our team.