Certilytics' New Price Transparency Analytics SolutionCertilytics' New Price Transparency Analytics Solution

Certilytics Launches New Price Transparency Analytics Solution

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April 13, 2023

Built to Help Health Plans Unpack MRF Data, Unlock Competitor Intelligence

April 13, 2023 – Certilytics, a leading provider of data management and predictive analytics solutions to health plans across the country, today announced the release of its Price Transparency Analytics solution.

This new solution is designed to help health plans tackle the extremely large and complex MRF data and uncover the powerful intelligence they need to maintain a competitive advantage.

The release of this solution comes as healthcare leaders are struggling with how to make sense of unprecedented amounts of provider reimbursement data, which is now available due to the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021.

“Price transparency has the potential to upend much of healthcare. But it doesn’t mean it has to interfere with health plans’ value-based goals,” Executive Vice President, Andrew Ottum said. “The first step is making sense of all the data. With our new tool, health plans will know exactly where they stand compared to other plans to help strengthen their negotiating power.”

Having worked with leading health plans for almost a decade, Certilytics’ approach to building its Price Transparency Analytics solution focused on:

  • Creating a consistent data layer for analysis, including adding in additional data sets such as COB and provider transparency data
  • Building reports and analysis that demonstrate competitor network fee schedules and other insights, including both Medicare and client’s reimbursement levels

To learn more about Certilytics’ new Price Transparency Analytics solution, download the brochure or visit our website and schedule a meeting.


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