Manage Total Cost of Care

Serving a wide range of business needs for clinicians, actuaries, data scientists, C-suite executives, and care managers, Certilytics allows organizations to align their financial decision making process with their clinical and utilization management strategies. Our predictive healthcare analytics toolkit provides critical intelligence at every stage of the cost-of-care continuum.

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Measure Risk

Our Aspects Dashboards and Forecasts bring precision and confidence to underwriters and actuaries in the development of their pricing strategies, while maintaining the level of transparency necessary to support the development of new risk-based pricing models.

Identify Opportunity

Aspects Reports provide critical intelligence that allows our customers to quantify the financial value of impactable clinical outcomes in the following areas:

  • Gaps in Care (GIC)
  • Disease Progression
  • UM/Soft Steerage
  • Drug Optimization
  • Others

Engage Patients

Our Aspects Forecasts and CORE Report are person-level risk profiles that stratify a population based on a number of risk metrics, including the Certilytics Health Index (CHI) score, which allows customers to determine which patients are most at risk and most likely to engage in care management programs.

Measure Outcomes

Our Aspects Dashboards allow our clients to transparently measure the value of their care management programs to support the reconciliation of financial and performance guarantees with their customers.

Certilytics can help your organization get unprecedented insight into individual patient diagnostics and utilization with CORE Pathways. Download the info brochure to learn more about CORE!