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As an executive, it’s up to you to weigh everything from cost to speed to interoperability. Our product portfolio makes it easier for you to balance all of your priorities:

  • Cost to implement and operate: Our integrated, built-from-scratch products come at a price point far below homegrown or legacy solutions.
  • Implementation speed: Our “as a service” model gets customers into the predictive analytics business in less than 90 days, taking the burden off your IT departments and integrating clinical and financial insights.
  • Value for you and your organization: We offer executives unprecedented insight. For example, our Aspects Suite includes person- and population-level risk profiles. Our Opportunity Analysis Report provide a customized, multi-dimensional population-level risk profile that enables executives to identify financial savings and improved clinical outcome opportunities, broken out by location (MSA) and other variables.

As a result, we give you the power to transform your organization with a modest investment of time and money.

Actuaries and Underwriters

Our products enable you to predict risk with greater speed and precision, which gives you a leg up in large group fully insured and Stop/Loss underwriting. Here’s how:

  • Connecting the dots: Our projected financial savings tie directly to clinical insights—removing the disconnect between actuaries and practitioners.
  • Identifying patterns and trends: CORE Pathways enables you to identify cost trends, discover treatment patterns, calculate benchmarks for targeted comparisons, measure condition severity and chronic condition management, and improve health outcomes across the spectrum of care. CORE can even sort dollars and patients by episode of care and conditions, making it easy to answer strategic questions like, “What was my total spend by practitioner on diabetes?” or specific inquiries like, “How many unsupervised prescriptions were signed by this prescriber?”

As a result, we give you the power to slice-and-dice data on patients, providers, conditions, and episodes of care at multiple levels of analysis to evaluate trends and specific cases — depending on what you need.


One of the biggest challenges for clinicians is that many data-focused tools are built to serve too many stakeholders, so they end up cluttered with features and functionality that clinicians didn’t ask for and don’t need. Not ours. We separate the signal from the noise, so you don’t have to dig to find the information you need to make critical decisions and drive planning.

Our Aspects Suite optimizes population health management initiatives, providing critical intelligence for care managers, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and other practitioners. The suite includes over 80 evidence-based and proprietary gaps-in-care measures designed and vetted by our internal clinical team.

As a result, you get the healthcare intelligence you want, combined with the person and population-level risk profiles you need — all in one sophisticated, yet intuitive, package.

Data Scientists

You can use Certilytics products to jump-start any and all stages of the model building process, from data creation to model development. You can even refit out-of-the-box models to your data with ease. For example, you can:

  • Join, master, and cleanse data prior to model building with the DL&M Pipeline
  • Enrich data and organize claims into events at the member level using CORE Pathways
  • Train, deploy, or leverage existing models through Brainstorm® AI
  • Incorporate predictions, opportunity values, and other model output through Aspects Suite

Beyond just training specific algorithms, Brainstorm® AI provides a standardized machine learning environment for training models at scale. No need to go through separate development efforts to wrangle data for model training and deployment. No worries about collaboration and model-sharing within and across organizations. No concerns about integration with cutting edge, open-source algorithms in Apache SparkTM and beyond. Plus, you can be certain that software best practices in the ML space are in use, from versioning and documentation through QA and deployment.

Whether you are starting fresh or optimizing an existing platform, we give power to your data models.


It’s no secret: Healthcare analytics is hard because healthcare data is complicated. And messy. With our products, you can focus on your most pressing needs and leave the messy stuff to us.

Our platform connects your healthcare data from a single, standardized, and integrated tech stack. It supports SSO and in-app support for integrating our data visualizations, APIs and enterprise data exchanges for data consumption, and custom development when you need it.

As a result, we give you the power to solve a huge problem — without creating new ones.