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Demand More from Your Health Plan & Other Partners

By Wes Smith

Certilytics Senior VP for Advisory & Consulting

Specialty pharmacy is a hot topic these days – and for good reason.

Plan sponsors are seeing more and more of their total pharmacy spend being attributed to specialty. Evernorth’s 2020 Drug Trend Report found that just 2% of their covered population used specialty drugs—but that this accounted for over half of total spend under the pharmacy benefit.

With a robust pipeline of additional therapies on the way, some with multi-million dollar price tags, it’s unlikely this trend will reverse anytime soon. That’s why it’s crucial for employers to take proactive steps to get a handle on their population’s specialty drug spending.

In the e-book we outline concrete steps you can take to better manage specialty drug utilization. We discuss...

  • Questions you should be asking your health plan partner and other vendors. 
  • How you can turn your data into action. 
  • How best to protect your organization from catastrophic claims related to specialty pharmacy.

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