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Pressure Tested: Our solutions have been delivering value for large, complex organizations since Day 1. We currently process 30M+ member lives per week.

All Your Data in One Place: Our analytics provide a single source of truth designed to align all stakeholders within an organization by tying clinical strategies to financial opportunities.

Cross-Benefit Analysis: Our integrated, cross-benefit reporting allows you to get to the bottom of your true cost drivers—with an emphasis on specialty Rx.

Certilytics offers AI-powered products that allow our clients to see the future through data, enabling them to thrive in today’s ever-changing, value-focused healthcare market.

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Certilytics is the transformative partner for a rapidly growing number of the country’s largest healthcare organizations and large employers that are leading the shift to value-focused predictive analytics.

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Scalable & Configurable Technology: Our highly efficient platform makes use of the best open-source technologies so you can avoid vendor lock-in and turn your data into actionable insights with unprecedented speed.

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AI-Powered Predictive Insights: We combine the latest in machine learning technology with a practical understanding that our analytics aren’t meant to be theoretical—they’re meant to drive better business decisions, today.

Experienced Industry Experts: Our team is comprised of experts from multiple disciplines—actuaries, nurses, pharmacists, data scientists, data engineers, and healthcare data analysts—who draw on their deep experiences to ensure our customers get real value from our analytics.

Proprietary Clinical & Financial Framework: The Opportunity Framework reconciles cost to value to help you differentiate yourself when competing for new business or seeking to retain existing customers.

Flexible Deployment Optionality: Adoption is easy – we can complement your data and analytic capabilities in a way that works for you whether that’s in a SaaS, PaaS, or self-hosted model.

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Our data scientists, actuaries, clinicians, and business analysts are here to help you:

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  • Generate predictive insights to drive better business decisions, faster
  • Identify areas of opportunity and avoidable overspending
  • Measure performance and direct resources to where they’ll have the highest value