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The business insights tools offered through Nucleus are an indispensable source of predictive intelligence used by some of the nation’s largest health plans and PBMs, along with dozens of small and mid-sized health plans, employer groups, and Fortune 100 employers.

These organizations have adopted our solutions not because they’re flashy and complicated—but because they were built with practicality in mind. Our products are designed to be actionable, easy to understand, and up and running in 90 days or less.

  • We tell you which members have the most prospective risk, not who has already cost you the most
  • We show you the risk you can actually mitigate, not just who your riskiest members are
  • Rather than evaluate a care management program by the number of members contacted, we measure performance based on how well the program manages risk
  • Instead of focusing on the number of gaps closed, we lay out the tangible ways health has improved as a result of gap closure
  • We don’t just provide trend lines—we show you, in dollars, the impact of your clinical activity on cost

Predictive Intelligence to Accelerate Your Transitions to Value-Based Care

Data Warehouse

As part of the Nucleus Analytics Platform, we offer data warehousing solutions for high-velocity data processing and cleansing—to help your organization unlock the opportunity in every healthcare dollar.

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Benefits of Nucleus

  • Benchmark clinical and financial results against national norms, peer groups, business units, or geographies
  • Identify, report, and benchmark cost trends, provider treatment patterns, condition severity, and health outcomes across billions of member records
  • Perform analysis at a patient-level into complete episodes of care, utilization patterns, emerging disease onset, gaps in care, and each member’s likelihood of engagement
  • Develop high-performance provider networks supporting fee-for-service and value-based arrangements
  • Evaluate care pathways and predict future costs for a given condition
  • Analyze performance, risk, and spend—both retrospective and prospective


  • Directly access your data through a combination of standard reports, dashboards, and user interfaces as well as direct integration with existing BI toolsets (e.g. Tableau).
  • Includes sophisticated proprietary validations to ensure the cleanliness, accuracy, and completeness of all data at the file, column, row, and element levels
  • Access standardized data enriched with hundreds of tags and measures, including our proprietary clinical episode grouper, CORE Pathways
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