Our goal is to get you up and running in 90 days or less. Our implementation team is awesome (we don’t mind bragging a bit) and works hand-in-hand with our data governance, client engagement, and product teams to give you unparalleled support as you get online with Certilytics.

Most* of our implementations follow a three-step process.

*We recognize it’s not always “one size fits all” and we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt. Do you have a unique challenge? Bring it on!

Step 1 – Data

Receive your data, process your data, take care of your data

  • Secure transmission of data to/from Certilytics
  • Map your data to our internal standards
  • End-to-end tests for every data domain we process

Step 2 – Product

Get your hands on our awesome products

  • Run your data end-to-end through our data platform to populate our products
  • Give you access to the Certilytics product suite

Step 3 – User

Helping your users do work better

  • User training sessions tailored to you
  • Extensive documentation
  • Office hours for real users to talk to a real human


Product Suite Subscription

Certilytics makes it easy by providing analytical awesomeness as a service – with dashboards, reports, and data extracts delivered to you. Simply send us your data and we send you back the insights you need to transform your business. Our implementation team does the hard work to get you up and running in 90 days or less with Aspects Intelligence – our collection of pre-built dashboards, visualizations, and reports. We can even work with you to develop custom models, reports, or extracts to suit your business needs.

Nucleus Analytics Platform

Analytics as a service works great until you want to explore the data behind the scenes in order to improve or build your internal or third-party analytics capabilities. Certilytics gives you all that power and more with the Nucleus Analytics Platform. Building on the solutions in Aspects Intelligence, Nucleus also gives you access to your cleansed and enriched data through a powerful data warehouse engine and the Fusion data exploration toolkit. Nucleus gives developers and non-developers all the raw materials and tools needed to examine, architect, build, and share insights – beyond what we offer out-of-the-box – in a secure private cloud environment.

Certilytics Platform License

If you have the need or the ability to run the Certilytics data preparation platform yourself, fear not! Certilytics can also work with you to deploy our entire end-to-end platform on your infrastructure and hand your team the keys. We’re still there to support you with updates, advice, support, and an endless roadmap of cool new features.

Are you ready to see what the next step looks like for your company?