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Nucleus Creates a Complete Picture of Member Health, Utilization, and Risk.

What if your organization’s healthcare and benefits data was all in one place—not just transformed and enriched but empowered with advanced predictive analytics and easy-to-use tools for exploration. Can you imagine that? A complete picture of member health, utilization, and risk. You can create the complete picture with Nucleus Data Warehousing + Predictive Analytics!

Nucleus empowers healthcare organizations—employers, employer groups, benefit managers, health plans, and provider health systems—to optimize benefit programs, improve care delivery, and manage costs by creating a single data repository that offers a complete picture of member health tightly integrated with the powerful predictive analytics products available from Certilytics. Nucleus gives customers access to the data “behind the scenes” to develop new insights by integrating the data warehouse layer with their own data discovery tools, business intelligence platforms, and custom applications.

Nucleus Data Warehousing + Predictive Analytics, combining sophisticated healthcare data management with Certilytics’ advances in operational data science, actuarial insights, and product development on a powerful healthcare predictive data analytics platform. Nucleus is built from the ground up on flexible and modern cloud native technologies that make data delivery and application access fast, simple, and secure. Adoption and deployment has never been easier.

Amoung Other Capabilities, Nucleus Can:

Link disparate data-sets and generate a globally unique ID for each employee, member, or patient. Include sophisticated proprietary validations to ensure the cleanliness, accuracy, and completeness of all data at the file, column, row, and element levels. Regularly process billions of member data records. This includes claims, benefits & eligibility, lab results, clinical management programs, and much more. Enrich data with hundreds of tags and measures, including our proprietary clinical episode grouper, CORE Pathways. Provide easy-to-understand aggregations of underlying data to provide simple and consistent reporting. Seamlessly and securely share data via JDBC, API, and BI integrations.

Data Warehousing and Predictive Analytics Toolkit for the Age of the AI.

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