Employee Spotlight: Alyssa Jordan, VP of Product Management - CertilyticsEmployee Spotlight: Alyssa Jordan, VP of Product Management - Certilytics

Employee Spotlight: Alyssa Jordan, VP of Product Management

12/06/2022 Employee Spotlight

“Ultimately we’re able to deliver solutions that contribute to improving health outcomes across the country

This is the eleventh in a series of interviews with the Certilytics employees behind our market-leading healthcare predictive analytics solutions.

Alyssa Jordan joined Certilytics four years ago, pivoting from financial planning and analysis to product management.

Learn more about Alyssa in the Q&A below:

Q: Hi Alyssa! How long have you been at Certilytics?  

A: Hi! I joined Certilytics in July 2018, so a little over 4 years!

Q: What led you to pursue a career in product management?

A: I had previously worked in financial planning and analysis and corporate finance. While working at a revenue cycle management company, I had the opportunity to be part of a handful of projects with the Product team. It was my first time learning about the field and the work that product managers do, and I was intrigued. As I continued to learn more about the profession, I thought it would be a great way to leverage my background in finance while also learning a broad set of new skills. I started applying for product roles and was thrilled when I landed a job with Certilytics.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

A: One of the things that attracted me to product management is the lack of a typical day. Each day includes meetings which could consist of anything from scrums to reviewing requirements for new features. More recently, I have been spending a lot of time researching and learning about the competitive landscape, both in terms of companies and individual products. I also work with stakeholders to help define our products and capabilities for new and existing products.

Q: What’s a memorable accomplishment for you during your time at Certilytics?

A: A little over a year and a half ago, I returned to work after being out on maternity leave. Fun fact, my son was born on Thanksgiving Day 2020 and Thanksgiving (even before his birth) has always been my favorite holiday! I came back to work in the midst of a major client implementation that involved a significant amount of new development. It was challenging to juggle in conjunction with being a new mom, but with a lot of hard work and a rock star team at Certilytics, we achieved all our deliverables on schedule.

While I played a small part in that achievement, I am humbled by the fact that my contribution would not have been possible without the support of family, who are and continue to be a huge help with childcare. My respect for both working parents and stay-at-home parents has increased ten-fold since becoming a parent myself. With a lot of coordination and support from others, it’s all doable, but rarely simple.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working for Certilytics?

A: I love working with such a diverse group of people from various professional backgrounds (e.g., actuaries, data scientists, software engineers, etc.). Together, we’re able to troubleshoot issues, think critically through how best to solve our clients’ problems, and ultimately we’re able to deliver solutions that contribute to improving health outcomes across the country.

Q: What’s something people may not know about you?

A: I interviewed at Certilytics on a Thursday, then got married later that afternoon in a small ceremony with my parents and my now in-laws. We had a larger ceremony and reception with family and friends that Saturday, and I accepted the job offer from Certilytics the following Tuesday. It was truly a whirlwind of new beginnings.

Q: What are your hobbies outside of work?

A: I enjoy traveling, which has become increasingly challenging with a toddler, but I also love to go on adventures locally, including trying new restaurants. We have a booming food scene here in Louisville. I also enjoy going on long walks while listening to podcasts and unwinding at the end of the day with a good book.

Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Why?

A: There are so many places on my travel list, but internationally, I’d like to visit the Philippines to be able to share an added layer of my ancestry and culture with my husband and son. Domestically, I’d like to spend more time west of the Mississippi River visiting places like Whitefish, Montana where my friend is currently a travel nurse, and Sedona, Arizona to take in the views of the Red Rocks and escape Kentucky’s colder months.

Q: What’s a mantra you live by? Why?

A: I strive to live by the mantra, “Be intentional and present.” It challenges me to take action on the things that align with my goals and beliefs, and to be an active participant in my interactions with others.