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Struggling with how to evaluate your health & wellness programs?

Your clients are constantly being approached by vendors promising their health and wellness program, app, or tool will be a game changer. They’re counting on you to help them choose the right ones. 

Our Impact Evaluator program evaluation solution helps advisors, consultants, and brokers determine which health & wellness programs will have the biggest impact on health outcomes and cost within client populations.

Make the right health & wellness program recommendations using predictive analytics

Help your clients choose the right health & wellness benefit programs—and measure results

  • Share insights with your clients’ health partners to set value-based goals, coordinate care, and track progress. Enforce performance guarantees in key areas such as diabetes management, musculoskeletal, behavioral health, weight loss, smoking cessation, and more.

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Read how the Impact Evaluator has helped one Fortune 100 employer maximize program impact for $200 in PMPY savings

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Learn how the Impact Evaluator can help you make smarter, faster benefits recommendations for your clients

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  • Build trust with fast, reliable answers
  • Measure results so you can refine your benefit offerings and build a compelling story demonstrating your impact on health, productivity, and the total cost of care.

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Read how the Impact Evaluator has helped one Fortune 100 employer maximize solution impact for $200 in PMPY savings

  • Our robust methodology quantifies the impact of current and future health and wellness programs on an apples-to-apples basis. Delivered through intuitive dashboards, you can see exactly what would work for your client populations, and what wouldn’t.
  • Accelerate the shift to value
  • Win and retain business by demonstrating your ROI

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