See the future through data at Virtual AMGA 2020.

After careful consideration, the American Group Medical Association (AMGA) has decided to convert the in-person 2020 Annual Conference into to a multi-day virtual experience. While we might not be able to meet in person for AMGA 2020, we respect their decision are excited to be participating in the conference virtually!

Let us know you’d like to connect for the virtual conference and see what Certilytics’ products can do for you. We’ll be in touch shortly!

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Predictive analytics products created for ACOs & provider health systems.

Our product suite is built from the ground up on flexible and modern open-source technologies to allow maximum scalability and adoption without costly technology dependencies. This enables us to return model results within 90 days of contract initiation.

Certilytics’ clients see the future through data using our advanced technologies, including the Brainstorm™ AI deep learning platform, our library of predictive models, the Aspects reporting suite, and the CORE Pathways next-generation clinical episode grouper.

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AMGA 2020 - Aspects

Check-out the Aspects suite.

Certilytics’ Aspects reporting suite will allow your organization to visualize data, take action, and even close deals. This integrated suite of products is designed to give healthcare insights at multiple levels of analysis including patient, provider, or population.

Aspects Dashboards provide clinical, financial, and behavioral insights into the utilization of healthcare services, linking clinical outcomes with financial opportunities and management strategies. Aspects Reports provide a library of pre-built and custom reports.

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is the siloing of data between constituencies managing different data-sets. Aspects can help you connect your data and overcome your silos!

Get a sneak peek of our #AC20 topics:
  • Building operational predictive models that lead to significant ROI
  • Optimizing care management investments through predictive reporting that combines financial, clinical, and behavioral insights
  • Identifying savings opportunities, engaging patients, and measuring results across the value-based care continuum
  • Designing products from an open-source technology stack that allows maximum scalability
  • Delivering predictive analytics as a service, with quick implementation timelines, delivery cycles, and easy adoption that integrates with existing technology